Exam Information

The Council for Qualification of Residential Interior Designers (CQRID) qualifying examination is offered to residential interior designers who have the drive, ability and dedication necessary to achieve professional status in their chosen field. For those of you who possess these qualities, passing the CQRID examination places you among a select group of residential interior designers nationwide who have chosen to attain this high level of excellence and achievement. The CQRID testing program is the symbol for excellence in residential interior design and is your key to enhanced professional stature among your customers and peers.The CQRID is a two-part examination that fully conforms to established testing standards. The Center for Credentialing and Education, an independent, not-for-profit outside testing company, administers the exam. The exam is given quarterly (on the last Saturday of January, April, July, and October) and is available in every state.


Part I—Multiple Choice
Part I of the exam consists of 180 multiple choice questions that use the four-option multiple choice format. Three hours are allowed to complete this section, which is computer scored.

The multiple choice questions require candidates to demonstrate their knowledge of business practices, the design processes, design fundamentals, furniture periods and styles, professional ethics, codes, and Universal design.

Candidates have three hours to complete this section of the exam, which is computer-scored.  


Supply List for Part I


Part I must be successfully completed before the candidate can submit their written request to take Part II - Design Problem.

Part II—Design Problem
Part II of the exam consists of a practical design problem based on a client profile. Candidates are expected to complete a floor plan, elevations, electrical/lighting plan, window treatment elevation schedule, furnishings/fixture schedule, and a finishing schedule. Six hours are allocated to complete this section, which is juror scored.

The design problem requires candidates to demonstrate basic drafting skills, knowledge of barrier-free design, understanding of space planning, the ability to draw an elevation and complete a lighting plan.

Candidates have six hours to complete this section of the exam, which is scored by two jurors.


Supply List for Part II

Knowledge and Skill Areas for Part I & Part II

Business Practices Design Processes/Fundamentals
Historical Periods/Styles Codes & Universal Design
Sustainable Design Professional Ethics
Barrier-Free Space Allocation
Architectural Knowledge Elevations
Finish Schedules Electrical/Lighting Plans
Furnishings/Fixtures Scope of Service

Please Note: Candidates are required to bring their own tools and supplies for both Part I and Part II of the exam.