Preparation for the Exam

There are two types of study available to prepare for the CQRID Exam.

CQRID Examination Preparatory Workbook: A home-study manual which provides an overall review of the knowledge and skill areas present in Part I and Part II of the exam. The 300 page workbook includes exercises, reference material suggestions, and the current ADA guide. The workbook is typically used to prepare for Part I of the exam. The workbook does not include practice design problems.

CQRID Examination Preparatory Workbook:$199* (IDS member price)
$245* (non-IDS Members)

*Price includes $10 fee for shipping and handling.

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CQRID Residential Design Problem Training Program: A correspondence tutorial to utilize in preparation for Part II. The Residential Design Training Program will guide participants through a correct solution of a practical design problem, provide step-by-step examples pin pointing information needed to focus on the CQRID exam and supply two practice, practical design problems which includes corresponding blank floor plans and schedules.

CQRID Residential Design Problem Training Program:$299* (IDS member price)
$325* (non-IDS Members)
*Price DOES NOT include $20 fee for shipping and handling.
*Additional Plan Corrections $199 (IDS Members)

                                                               $225 (non-IDS Members)
                                                               *Rush Orders $49 additional fee

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Additional reference books, design tools, and templates can be found in the IDS Store. Most of these items are additional methods of study. The Visual Results© Template can be used during the exam.