Recertification Policy


CQRID Recertification Policy

Purpose of Recertification
The Council for Qualification of Residential Interior Designers (CQRID) requires all CQRID-certified residential interior designers to maintain their professional certified status through recertification. Recertification is an integral part of maintaining professionalism, keeping abreast of the trends and changes in the interior design field, and enhancing quality and excellence in design work. Continuing Education and lifelong learning are an important part of the interior design profession and allows consumers to build trust in the quality and expertise of the CQRID-certified designer and provides a standard for the public to judge the competency of practitioners. Recertification provides the support to CQRID-certified designers to broaden their knowledge and excel in the profession of interior design and promote themselves to consumers.

The Recertification Policy for CQRID
It is the professional responsibility of all CQRID-certified residential interior designers to maintain their certification through the payment of an annual maintenance fee (currently $40/year) and completing 0.4 CEUs (continuing education units) in the residential interior design field each year.

Annual maintenance fees should not be confused with organization membership or state licensing renewals. The annual maintenance fee is collected to maintain CQRID records, CEUs and provide continued support for CQRID-certified professionals. CQRID professionals are expected to pay the maintenance fee annually (May - June of each calendar year). CQRID-certified professionals who are Professional members of the Interior Design Society have the annual maintenance fee for CQRID included in their professional membership dues and thus are not expected to pay the CQRID annual maintenance fee in addition to their annual membership dues.

CQRID requires that all CQRID-certified designers complete 0.4 CEUs every calendar year. The CEUs must be earned within the designated time frame of the cycle and CEUs cannot be used to fill deficiencies for the previous CEU cycle or be carried forward to the next CEU cycle. A CEU cycle will begin in January and end in December each calendar year.

At the end of a reporting period, members who have failed to meet the CEU requirements will be subject to a non-compliance fee ($10 per CEU). Any member who fails to comply with the continuing education requirement, including payment of the noncompliance fee, may be subject to devaluation of Professional membership.

CEU and Annual Maintenance Fee requirements are mandatory to maintain an active certification.

CEU Cycle
Each CEU cycle occurs throughout the duration of one calendar year – begins January 1 and ends December 31 of each year

The number of continuing education units required during your first membership reporting period varies, depending on when you joined IDS or when your membership status changed:

  • 6 - 12 months before the end of the reporting period = 0.4 (4 hours) CEUs required (Before May 31)
  • 0 - 6 months before the end of the reporting period = 0.2 (2 hours) CEUs required (June 1 to Dec. 31)

**When a designer passes CQRID, he or she will not have to complete CEUs for the first year after passing the exam and will begin the recertification process at the beginning of the next CEU cycle.