A Measure of Success and Professionalism
In Residential Interior Design

Join the Elite Group of CQRID Designers!

Join the elite group of CQRID-certified designers who have chosen to attain the highest level of excellence and achievement in residential interior design! The CQRID qualifying examination is offered to residential interior designers who have the drive, ability, and dedication necessary to achieve professional status in their chosen field.

The CQRID testing program is the symbol for excellence, the measurement of success and professionalism, and the key to enhanced stature among your customers and peers in residential interior design. Over 800 Residential Interior Designers have become CQRID-certified since the first examination was administered in 1993.

Benefits of the CQRID Exam

  • Identifies you as a Certified Residential Interior Design Professional.
  • Instills consumer confidence in your work.
  • Validates extra resources spent on training and education.
  • Allows you to distinguish your skills and experience in the field, setting you apart from your competitors.
  • Increased knowledge leads to increased sales and more satisfied customers.

Successful completion of the exam leads to personal pride, enhanced professionalism, and a feeling of accomplishment!